Ever thought of writing a book?
You could need a ghostwriter ...

What is a ghostwriter?
Quite simply, a ghostwriter writes so that you don’t have to. The ideas and research and knowledge and experience all come from you, so it’s your name that goes on the front. 

Why might I want a ghostwriter?
Maybe …
  • You have an idea for a book. You’ve had a few ideas – or even a great many ideas – but you don’t have time to write it. Or you've looked at that mass of notes and wondered how anyone could ever bash it into shape. Or maybe you’ve even had a stab, but it just … doesn’t.
  • You’ve actually written a book, but it’s too short / too long / just not good enough.
  • You’ve started to write a book but it’s harder than you thought.
  • Any variation of any of the above.
If any of that describes you then you need a ghostwriter.

What makes you think you can help me?
In short: I’ve been a full time ghostwriter since 2015, with (at present) nearly 40 ghostwritten titles throughout my career. See here for a longer version. I’m a member of the Society of Authors, with seven novels of my own published, plus a short story collection. But enough of me – click here for references from a few happy customers.

I might want to hire you. Where do we go from here?
First and foremost, my job is to produce a completed manuscript on your behalf. Click here to look at some of the ways forward.

“Ben Jeapes is excellent at what he does and great to work with.”
– Allen Langham, author, Taming of a Villain: A Message of Hope